control room plugins - no processing

i keep running into this issue where plugins inserted on the main control room set of inserts load with a project, but process no audio (audio just passes through them unaffected). they need to be copy & pasted into a different slot, or reloaded, to start working. their GUIs are showing correctly however. anyone’s experienced this?

I’m sorry for the trouble. I have not had that problem. What specific plugins are you loading? If you load a built-in plugin like Reverence, do you hear that through Control Room?

thank you for the feedback.

voxengo MSED for instance are standard on my CR (to quickly check side-only signals). very simple and lightweight plugin, that is. those seem to always suffer from this issue. (all x64 btw.)

If you place the MSED on your Stereo Out (just for testing purposes, not as an actual solution), does the problem occur?

If you put Reverence on the Control Room, does it have the same issue?

thank you for the response. i have been monitoring the issue and really am puzzled because i couldn’t find any causality. sometimes a project will load and the control room plugins (i use mainly voxengo’s utility plugins like i mentioned) will just not be processing the audio, many other times it will.

i have put Reverence among the CR inserts as you suggested, and so far the plugin has been loading up and correctly processing audio…

i have however found a related issue where sometimes loading a Track Preset (of an audio track) will similarly result in some of the insert plugins not processing audio (just passing audio through onto the following insert but not processing it). turning the affected plugin on and off, or moving it to another insert slot, will resume correct operation.

(i am starting to speculate if this could be related to project files and track presets created in the previous cubase build…)

What other plugins (aside from MSED) have displayed the problem? Are they 32 bit or 64 bit plugins?

so far, voxengo’s plugins, also just noticed this with the free sonalksis free-g plugin – this time i loaded a project i had been working on the previous day, and the free-g plugin (already present on one of the channels’ inserts from the previous version of the project) loaded, but processed no audio (

all are x64.

My best suggestion would be to check with those plugin manufacturers to verify your licensing and version. Sometimes demos and trials can block audio from passing properly. Do you have the problem with the Curve EQ that is included with Cubase 7.5?

i’ll try with curveEQ. thank you. the sonalksis plugin is a freebie by the way, as well as voxengo MSED, both of which suffer from the behaviour described.