Control room preset and settings are gone. All other connections okay. What's up?


I’m sound designer and music producer from Finland. I have used Nuendo since 2001. These days is really hard to have support anymore. I have left ticekd 6 days ago, but no answer. Its this really what Steinberg wants to Nuendo users?


Well, probably not. But really, the forum might actually be better and faster. Feel like sharing?

Hi, After updating to Nuendo 11 (when was released) it have lost control room settings 3-5 times. All other settings are ok (external fx etc.). Last time about week ago it happens again and I have not updating anything. My setup is rock solid no crashes.

Base setup:
Win10, PRO Intel Xeon, 32 GB ECC
Nuendo 11

Do you mean you start Nuendo, and you have to reconfigure Audio connections? If that sounds like it, (albeit simplified) I’ll edit the title of this topic such as to attract more respondents.

btw, This can happen, among other reasons, if the audio interface was not selected upon launching.

No just control room preset and settings are gone. All other connection External FX etc working all ways. And all my racks including sound card is all ways on before launching Nuendo

Are you using different audio devices for different projects (i.e., USB device for one project and DANTE for another one, etc.)?

NO. Just RME here in studio

hello rauno
have had the same problems. this is a ugly bug in steinberg software. there is only one way to be save,
go to the directory where steinberg do all the settings and copy them. this is the only way to have a backup of the actual settings. normal.
c:\user\your computername\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo11_64
or you clone the entire C partition.
overwrite with the copy and everything is fine.
20 years of developing nuendo and this is the only save way to have a backup.
I have to do this often, when I change from Dante to MADI, and this works,
hope it helps in future


Yes I clone C partition every month. And I have backups from setup files like control room preset. But why this happens? And why support do not support?

Hello Rauno
the problem is the Audiodriver. If you change the driver all setups are gone.
its clear different driver different setup, routing ect.
But, I can not believe, that it has to be sooooooooooooooo difficult to make
a backup from the actual system.
This also happens if your RME interface has no power, so Nuendo takes another
hope in Nuendo 12 they see the bug.

No, If I change audio driver only the audio routings are gone but not the setup ex. Super vision. It happens about 2-4 times/year. All control room settings with super vision settings missing and I do not change audio drivers in studio.

There is control room pxml file where the all control room setting are stored and that file is “empty” 0kb size when this happens.

Its really easy to back up those user files and just drag and drop them back when this happens. But Steinberg have no solution why this happens.