Control Room Question, CPU Hit? Ver 9.0.3


So, I’ve just arrived at the point where I’m “ready” for Control Room. I love it, I understand how to use it basically, but I’m wondering if using CR takes a lot of CPU resources to run? I’ve not noticed any issues, but maybe I’m just not aware of typical CR possible pitfalls or other problems?

As much as I like the features CR offers and how it works, is there a system performance trade-off for using it? Thanks for any tips or advice.

not that I’ve noticed and benefits outweigh the downside, even in solo hobby studio like mine

I don’t notice a difference between it being on or off. So very light cpu usage, use it !! :wink:
I think it should be the default really, makes life so much easier. To have the Listen button alone makes it worth while.

I haven’t noticed a difference between on and off either.
I use it all the time (its on by default) and really love it.
Great when Iam rehearsing with my band to set individual mixes, metronome for the drummer, etc.
Use it when working alone too, very easy to set a reference level and compare mixes, check levels with the meter, headphones volume, dim or mute signal, etc.

Thanks. I’m glad to hear that. It was interesting, CR was sort of “over my head” and then, just a week ago, I turned it on, watched a video or two and had it running perfectly in a few minutes. It’s now on by default! :slight_smile:

Thanks. It’s opened so much. It was, for me, buried treasure, but, it was also learning curve and need-driven. I’m sure I’ll use it in all those ways you mention. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers on this everyone. CR was buried treasure for me. I’m glad I “discovered” it.

I also thought it would be way too complicated but it turned out not to be the case.
Set a few hours aside for learning it, watch the videos and You will be able to use most function without having to read the manual.

I’d avoided using it, but, suddenly, it was just a natural next step. I switched it on and it all just fell into play quickly. I’m sure I still have more to learn about it, but it’s a great feature. An undiscovered feature until just this past week or so. Thanks Peakae.