Control Room question

Hi All,

I am using Cubase Pro 8.0.5 with the RME UFX along with total mix FX

I normally use total mix for monitoring while tracking but have decided to try out the control room within cubase. I set up 2 cue mixes for headphones and have them routed to the correct device ports on my interface. All is good with respect to hearing audio through each headphones along with the main mix from my monitors - no issue hearing audio and the cue mix faders adjust the volume in the phone’s as expected within the control room mixer.

My issue - the cue mixes are routing to the monitors and the headphones at the same time? When I enable the cue mixes and increase the volume the overall volume coming out of my monitors increases too even if the main outputs are turned off in control room…I am guessing there is a routing issue but I can’t seem to figure it out and it is driving me nuts

I have disabled the outputs on my VST connections output tab and have enabled the outputs via the Studio tab, headphones routing to the correct signal path on my UFX and monitors routed to Main 1 & 2 outs


Thanks in advance

Check out the Control Room (CR) Mixer. There’s an option in there to monitor the cue or the monitor bus.

Also make sure UFX isn’t monitoring one of the cue outputs.


TotalMix was my first thought.

Make sure you’re not routing your headphone feeds to the Main Monitors also.



I figured it out - finally

It was the routing in Total Mix that created the issue. The software playbacks in TM need to be assigned to each specific cue defined in Cubase. I had the software playback monitoring the cues for both headphone outputs & the main out at the same time so cubase would in a sense overlap the output. It is a little confusing because TM acts as its own latency free control room monitoring software independent of cubase…Control Room in Cubase is now operating as expected

Thanks for the tips

Appendix in August 2016:
the newest drivers from RME (July 2016) solve all of these problems in a minute when working with Cubase 8.5.

Appendix i to Appendix in August 2016:
The “problems” desrcibed in this thread is not a totalmix or RME driver problem, but simple user error

I disagree concerning the Fireface 802:
in this case the control room in Cubase was not correctly corresponding to the Fireface’s “Total Mix” and the cue mix data in Cubase were not following the data in “Total Mix”.

Not till the update of the driver this is no more an issue.

Correct that was driving me nuts, thankfully the updated driver took care of that.