Control Room questions

I’m setting up the Control Room for the first time, using version 9.5, and have a couple of basic questions:

Viewing some tutorials on the subject, I’m told to right click in the Control room within the “right zone” for assigning cues, etc. The problem is, when right clicking here I’m not prompted at all. I have to launch another control room window from the drop down menu first, then the right click function works as discussed in the tutorial. Is this normal? seems to me the right zone control room should work exactly like the extra one I launch from the drop down menu, no?

Is there a way to set up the talk back mic without latency? I’m aware of “direct monitoring” for recording at zero latency, but this doesn’t seem work for the talk back mic.



Yes, as far as I know, the Control Room in the right-zone (should) works exactly the same as the dedicated window of Control Room. I don’t get exactly your point, when do you have to right-click?

To assign all the mixer volume levels, as well as pan settings to the cue sends, you can right click on the control room and it gives you the choice to do so. Again, the “right click” doesn’t work at all when clicking the control room in the right zone. When I launch another control room panel from the drop down menu’s, I can right click and get the appropriate choices to assign the mixer settings to the cue sends.

I see, now I got it. You refer to the Control Room in the Right-Zone of the Project window, not the MixConsole.

Now I can confirm it, and I reported it as a bug. Thank you.