Control Room Questions

My studio is setup with two sets of monitors, and in addition to A/Bing between them, when I want to play music loud just for the sake of it, its nice to be able to play both sets of monitors at the same time. I use to achieve this through my Presonus Central Station, but I’m hoping this is possible using the Control Room? If so, someone mind sharing how its done?

I think CR is designed to play one pair of monitors only, switching to one monitor mutes the others. You could add another group channel routed to the physical outs that feed another pair and activate it with the listen button (listen dim level to minus infinity).
Not sure though as I use just a single pair of monitors.

Phones channel/room simulator: simply insert the plugin in the phones channel only.

You can define various speaker configurations in the VST Connections - even sharing the outs between configurations if the exclusive switch is defeated. These can then be selected in the CR.