[Control Room] Reverb & Cue Sends

Hey there! I set up a Cue Mix for the perfoming singer. However, if I disable the cue send of the vocal track, the reverb can still be heard because I used a send effect to create it.

I could of course manually disable the cue send on the reverb fx track as well, but I want to ask if there is any chance that if I disable the cue send, all send effects that this channel is sending to can’t be heard as well.


Hi you,

I understand you have the following Situation:
1 Audio track for recording the vocals (dry). One of the sends of this track is routed to an FX-Channel with a reverb.
In Addition you have a “cue” enabled for the Audio track that is fed back to the singer.

If you disable the cue (which is aka as a Monitoring channel for the singer in your case), the singer will NOT Hear the reverberated Sound. Or in other words: If he/she hears it, there must be a cue enabled on the FX channel as well.

What you intend should imho not be possible, because ist would as a side effect influence other cue mixes as well.

HTH, Ernst

Use a stereo track for the vocal recording and apply the reverb as an insert effect.