Control Room RMS meter shows different level than Insight & Sonalksis Meters

Hi! I was doing speaker calibrations with band passed pink noise (500Hz-2kHz) and noticed something odd - while the master output meter in Control Room showed the same Peak values as my Izotope Insight 2 meter and my Sonalksis meter, Control Rooms’s RMS Peak meter was 3.5 dBFS lower than the other 2 meters.

Anyone have an idea why this is? Is there a place to calibrate this? I am new to setting meters up for mixing, etc so pls go easy on me, hehe :sweat_smile:

what happens if you dont band pass, the result are different the same way ?
What pan law you using for that project ?

It could be a peak meter or a RMS meter, not both.
RMS meters show lesser values by design (depends on the crest factor of the signal), they do not show peak values.

Some special meters show both values at the same time, but this is just a method of visualization, not the same measurement.