Control Room saving preset crashes Cubase

Hi there
Been having a real issue,so basically I am inserting my plugins into the control room in Cubase 11 Pro.
The cue sends are set fine.But when I open a project,the plugins disappear inside the control room
I tried to save as a Preset (F4) but all of a sudden Cubase crashes and goes into safe mode
Possible bug?Its really frustrating having to add the plugins back each time
Windows 10 64 bit is my OS

Hi Dave

haven’t we discussed this in the other thread ?

is there a reason for the new thread ?

Yes posted this as an issue
Hoping for some solution or maybe someone else has the same problem
I have tried to save as a preset in the control room
But Cubase crashes,and puts into safe mode,

We don’t know what the problem is as you haven’t posted enough detail.