Control Room Seperate Subwoofer Out

I was trying the control room today hooking up 2 sets of stereo speakers and 1 sub. I’m amazed that if you call it a control room and it’s supposed to replace a headphone mixer/monitor controller that you can’t have more than 1 set of speakers going at a time.

A simple toggle on and off of each monitor send should be a standard feature…


I have a monitor controller but I only have a monitor controller because I have to use other DAWs, the sub button is something that is missing in Cubase that is present on my monitor controller, otherwise it does everything else my monitor controller does and I would not need my monitor controller if only using Cubase if it had this function.

You can add separate monitors, you just can’t seem to have them play at the same time like you would want to do with a sub.

The closest I’ve been able to get is to use a cue mix… But I can’t get it to ride with the main fader knob so if I calibrate it I can’t move the fader up or down as the cue mix stays the same.

I also have a monitor mixer. I wanted to be able to go direct as that would be an “Uncoloured” sound vs using my Big Knob.

You might be able to setup a midi controller fader or knob as a generic remote in the device menu to control the cue send and control room volume at the same time. I saw you can assign the control room knob to a midi fader in there and 8 control room quick controls so if you could add the cue volume to one of those quick controls and assign it to the same hardware fader as the control room volume that should work for you until they implement it in Cubase. I don’t see why they shouldn’t add a Sub button into the control room and in VST connections. Along with your suggestion of being able to disable the quick A/B linked on off switching to individual switching on off switching. Perhaps just an ‘unlink switching/link switching’ button or similarly named button.