Control Room settings not saved with project (Cubase Pro 9.5)

If I set F4 [Audio Connections] > Control Room so that Monitor Audio goes to device port 1&2 (stereo buss) all is well whilst working in the project.
The setting in [Audio Connections] > Outputs goes to ‘not connected’ for that stereo pair, but it doesn’t seem to matter to my workflow, the audio still goes to the soundcard/mixer and I can carry on working as normal.

The problem comes when I save the project and try to recall it later.

The control room setting is not retained - but the setting for he main [Audio Connections] > Outputs selection does not revert to 1&2 either, so there is no audio until I select something.

I can obviously workaround this by going into the audio connections dialog each time I start or go back to a project but it clearly isn’t right. Feels like a bug to me, which is why I’ve posted it here in the Issues section.

Are there any other workarounds / solutions that people have discovered?


Control Room is not part of projects, this is global settings. Inputs and Outputs (tabs) are part of projects.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve had a look at the manual but can’t figure out where I’d change the global settings for this.

In [Preferences] > Control Room there are a few settings but none of them refer to routing.

I did already try to save the entire setup in a new template but I don’t think that amounts to anything more than a project, so it doesn’t work either.
Any suggestions about how to fix this?


What do you want to achieve?

All settings you make in the Audio Connections > Control Room is global. Now project/template related.

Just tried this all again and experimenting with a new empty project etc… I got it to work. I took your comment “All settings you make in the Audio Connections > Control Room is global” to mean that any of those settings ought to be retained upon closing of cubase, rather than finding a specific dialog for them. Ultimately that was very helpful to me.

I haven’t got to the root of the what was happening but perhaps something to do with the F4 Audio Connections > Output setup in a particular project was overriding the control room setup.

But I have now managed to open existing project and new project with existing template too and find the audio in the order that I wish.

Thanks very much for your help - much appreciated.

NB And in answer to your question “what am I trying to achieve?” The only reason I’m doing this is so I have some control over the metronome volume whilst playing/ recording in the project. It feels like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut but it seems to be the only way of doing it in the latter cubase versions.