Control Room - show all levels at the same time?

Hi there,

we updated directly from N4 to N6 and I’m severely missing the most important and intuitive feature of the old Control Room of N4: Being able to have a look at all levels of all busses with a single glance!
We often have 4-5 busses with outgoing signals at the same time during recording and it’s the most basic thing to be able check if there’s a signal going out at all or not. Having to click at 4-5 different spots one after another is really not an option work-flow wise, it’s a vast downgrade in functionality.
Is there any solution for this? Am I missing some kind of preference?

Thanks for your help!

Hold CTRL down while expanding (with the mouse) out sections of the control room mixer.

Is there a way of making them stay expanded after having closed the Control Room pane?

Can we again voice our displeasure of this un-asked-for redesign of an already normally and usefully designed UI?

Sorry don’t think so.
An other one for the suggestion box!

I am about to give up on Steinberg, but I will join this campaign once again.

Steinberg, you completely destroyed one of your best and unique features with the new version of the Control Room.
What kind of engineers did you consult when taken this decision?
Or did the fancy graphic just look cool?

Besides that, an amateurish (at the best) respons and/or communcation on the matter.

Don’t even let me start on the new “Fisher Price” looking, and utterly unfinished, Mix Console.

i was reporting this to someone @ sb and heard it’s supposed to be getting addressed in the next update.

Here’s from the announcement:

This update brings several improvements for TrackVersions, Control Room, MIDI thru Monitoring and other areas of the application. It also resolves over 60 issues such as the missing grid for AudioWarp and many more to make your Cubase experience smoother than ever before. More details will follow soon!

It just comes to show what the improvements for the Control Room will be?
A return to the old one?
A complete redesign?
Or more fancy sliders and colors?

I don’t know what to expect anymore… :confused: