Control room slots view problem

How do I get rid of the large empty space, so I can see the rest of the control room items under the talkback button (e.g. listen, click, dim etc ) ?
And maybe also some of the slots under the talkback button… ?

TIA :slight_smile:

Clicking in the headers of the various sections expands and collapses the section, i.e., Talkback, Cue, Monitor, Phones, Main. So click the Main header if you can’t see the click, listen, metronome buttons. Also, when you have things expanded past the space, there is a scrollbar on the right, it’s just very hard to see. It’s just a little fatter than the border and not in a separate space. You can drag that up and down to get around if you have a lot expanded at once. Or just switch back to the Main tab from Inserts. Actually, you only see the dim controls in the Main tab.

Ups… - I was on the insert tab… :roll_eyes:
Thank’s SF_Green :hugs:

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