Control Room standalone application

Why not make a stand alone version of Control Room?
It would use the same features but not confined in Cubase only. This would be a killer application.

In / Out configuration (I’d use a dedicated interface for this)
if possible I would like it to be vst. In this case it would be a perfect total recallable application.
Midi control (midi learn) of knobs and buttons
vst plugins

So many other features come to mind…

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This would be a wonderful feature if it’s technically possible. The first thing I’d want to use it with would be WaveLab … hint, hint, SB. :slight_smile:

I imagine having a dedicated audio interface and a dedicated midi controller (I’d make a custom one). It would become the heart of my studio, controlling and monitoring all analog and digital signals I want. Would be Ace!

I agree that this would be most valuable. I currently use IK Multimedia’s ARC 2 (Advanced Room Correction System) software and have it inserted into my monitor output in the control room. This works great because it doesn’t impact my headphone mix (which you wouldn’t want it to). The issue is that if I’m listening to a mix outside of cubase, ARC 2 is not a stand-alone, therefore I’m not getting the same results as I did while listening with Cubase running. Having a stand-alone would allow me to use my studio monitors (with the room correction enabled) regardless if I was in Cubase or not. Great request. Please consider.


Me too. Because I have a RME audio interface that has multi-client drivers, I use Arc in Bidule but it would be awesome to use in Control Room although I can’t see how this would work…

Exactly the same here. I love the control room because I have three independent output channels: monitors via IK ARC, headphones via Focusrite VRM Box, and render-out. I never need to worry about forgetting to turn off ARC for either rendering or headphone listening. It would be absolutely brilliant if all my DAW audio could be so handled. And as I said earlier, being able to have this setup with WaveLab would be ever so nice.

By the way, it occurs to me that if Steinberg could put something like this together, there would be a considerably larger market than just Cubase users who might be enticed to buy into such a solution. There’s money to be made here, if a standalone control-room capability is technically achievable.

Today, when you setup a new monitor in VST Connections in the Studio Tab, it wants you to use an audio-card output that was not previously used in another monitor setup. If you try to use the same set audio-card output more than once, you get an error that, “The selected device port is being used exclusively.” This restriction is cool if you’re taking multiple sets of outputs from your sound card and routing them directly into each of your different speaker amps. Then, you’d be using Cubase as your monitor-switching device. However, a lot of us are using external, third-party monitor-switching devices. I happen to use the Presonus Monitor Station. While I have multiple inputs on my Monitor Station, I like to use the second stereo input for reference sources to “A|B” with my mixes. Therefore, I need my DAW coming out of a single stereo output of my sound card-at all times.

I think it would be useful if, in VST Connections, I could send more than one studio monitor to a single set of audio card outputs. This way, I could apply ARC2 in each monitor setup in Control Room, each with the proper setup for each of my sets of speakers. When I switch my speakers on the Monitor Station I could just switch between the “A” & “B” monitors in Cubase Control Room, applying the proper ARC Measurement while maintaining the proper output to the Monitor Station. This is also an opportunity for a manufacturer to design a monitor-switching station that could have a MIDI out and also provide the Control Room switching, in Cubase, through MIDI. That would be sweet!

My workaround for this, in case anyone has a better idea, is to use two ARC2’s in the main inserts in Control Room, each with a measurement for each of my monitor sets. This means that I need to switch between the two (turn one insert on and the other off) when I switch between speakers on my Monitor Station. Or, to not use controll room at all and do the same on the stereo output in the Cubase mixer. I believe my recommended changes could be easily made and would have me at minimum number of clicks and at maximum efficiency for mixing, with my setup. :wink:

This is possible already. There is a setting in preferences that allows you to do it. Sorry, I can’t remember what it’s called but have a look and I’m sure you will find it.