Control Room state not saving between sessions

Hey folks… So I am new to Cubase… Cubase 11 Pro is my first foray into the home recording.
I am experiencing a little issue… not sure if it’s behaving as expected or if there is a quirk or bug??
So simply put, I’m working in a session…

  1. I set my Control Room meter to K20 and appropriate monitoring volume. In the image, that is the left side settings.
  2. I close the session by saving the project. Then Ctrl W, then Ctrl Q.
  3. When I open the session back up, the control room state is changed to the right column in the picture. Specifically, the meter is changed to K14 and the monitoring volume is reduced.

Now is this expected behavior or am I missing a setting or a bug?

Here is the image.

Thanks again from this noob,

Hi and welcome,

I can reproduce the meter K-20 to K-14 change. This is going to be fixed in the maintenance update.

But I can’t reproduce the Control Room Level change, sorry.

@Martin.Jirsak Thank you for the info on the meter issue. Maybe it’ll fix the level change too… haha :slight_smile:


I couldn’t reproduce the Level change in Cubase 11.0.0. So I don’t think this is a generic issue.