Control Room stopped working for some reason -- any ideas?

Hi all, Control Room has worked great for me for many years, and suddenly it just stopped working – i.e. the meters are showing no audio in it. If I switch the Outputs in Audio Connections to go directly out to my interface (not going through CR first) then it’s fine and audio comes through normally, but with CR enabled nothing shows. The setup is very simple – my mix goes directly to my Cue Outputs which go directly to my audio interface…nothing has changed.

My Stereo Out meters are of course showing audio – it’s just that the audio isn’t getting to CR for some reason. I need CR because I go through an insert for slight room correction (And I’ve tried removing the insert to see if that’s the problem – it doesn’t change anything either way).

Anyone experience this and know what to do to fix?


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?