Control room tab - delay when switching between Stereo and Mono

Hey, guys.

I frequently toggle between stereo and mono in the control room view of the right panel. In 9.0, the change was instantaneous. In 10, the song locks up for between one and two seconds, then resumes in the new mode. I didn’t have 9.5 so don’t know what the behavior was in that version. I wanted to rule out any environmental issues, so I just brought up a 9.0 version of the same project and it still switches immediately.

This is an extremely light project with some one recorded guitar and bass part, and Superior Drummer. I’m only using one reverb and two bus plugins, all Waves. I’ve turned SD and all plugins off and get the same behavior.

Is there something new I need to tweak in 10 to avoid this delay, or is this a bug that needs to be fixed?



I cannot reproduce it here. The change is instantaneous here on my side.

Thanks, Martin.

I notice that you’re on a Mac where I’m on Windows 7, so I don’t know if that’s a factor or not.

Since it’s instantaneous for me in 9.0 but not 10, do you have any ideas that I might try to troubleshoot?

I just tested here (on mac) 9.0, 9.5 and 10 all give me a small delay (way less than 2s … something around 400ms I should say).

What I do to overcome this delay is insert on my master bus a stereo widening plugin and making the width zero. In my case I use Waves S1. And I setup a Generic Remote command to bypass it or un-bypass… It works pretty well.

Thanks, man.

Regarding the delay, I reported that it locked up the song. More specifically, the UI locks up - and the audio stops - for close to 2 seconds. However, when the UI and audio return, the song position picks up a couple of second later where you’d expect it to be.

Sounds like it’s working okay on Mac. Would be interested in what experience people running Windows 7 have.


I just installed 9.5 and patched it to the last version. I then brought up a copy of the same cpr that had the delay in 10 (the problem exists in 10 no matter what project I use, just trying to be consistent). Switching between mono and stereo is instantaneous in 9.5 as well, so clearly this is a version 10 bug.

I’m going to stay with 9.5 until 10 is ready for prime time, but thanks again to everyone for your feedback on this.

I’ve written this up in the Issues forum, which as best I understand is the appropriate place to report bugs.