Control Room Talkback modes???

Page 216 in the Cubase 7 manual says

•There are two modes of operation: momentary mode used by clicking and holding the Talk button, and latch mode where clicking once turns the Talkback on until you click it again to turn it off.

How do you access these different modes. I’ve Searched but have yet to find.


IIRC preferences VST control room page.

Both modes are there simultaneously.

If you click “talk” once, you’ll activate talkback. then if you click it again, you will deactivate it. If INSTEAD, you click and HOLD “talk” you will be in momentary mode, and once you release the mouse button, “talk” will again be disabled.

It also works this way in Cubase 6, (and I THINK Cubase 5), BTW.

I have the talk-back button assigned to the Num 7 key, it works as a latching switch.

Indeed, it seems if you assign it to a key command, you only get latch mode.

Thank you Split and SLD. I have a KC to activate talkback and it only works in latch as you said. I was hoping there was a way to make the KC work in momentary mode. Oh well. Just gotta remember to turn it off.

Thank you