Control Room Use Reference Level

I’m trying to get the “Use Reference Level” command in the control room mapped to a midi command so that I can quickly toggle to and from my reference mix level. However there doesn’t seem to be a Generic Remote command that does this…there IS a “REF LEVEL” command but it doesn’t seem to work when applied.

Any ideas?


It is (ilogically) unter the “Devices”, not “Control Room”.

In the lower part of the Generic remote device, set
Device = VST Control Room
Category = Device
Action = Ref. Volume

Hope, this works to you.

Thanks Martin! Actually found what I was looking for in the COMMAND section - Command, Control Room, Reference Level On/Off.

Not really sure why we have Control Room, VST Control Room, and various control room functions under COMMAND…oh well. Still super cool we can map these functions.