Control room view

Not sur if I am going mad,but a while back the control room was in the right hand side view,with the mix console underneath
While using Cubase 11 Pro,I noticed the control room has disappeared from view
its active in the audio coneections section
But I cannot see it in the right zone,All I have is VSTi,Media and Meter
I can see the control room, when I open and pop out the mix console
Is that by default!
Cubase 11 view|183x500

Any advice would be welcome,thanks

probably, accidently turned off

Thanks a lot
yeah somehow I turned it off, totally forgot about the left click on the Media tab
dunno how ,lol
Mind you not been using Cubase for a while,what with work and other commitments,he,he
Thanks again appreciated

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fwiw, as an option, the Control Room can also be placed anywhere you wish as a separate independent window, therefore not included in the right zone tabs.

Yes thanks I had noticed that before,handy option too!

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