Control Room Volume presets...

im trying to find a way to set up a eucon keypad controller(avid transport) to save specific control room volumes(10%, 20% etc) or have it actually work as a stepped control…is there any way of doing that?

The control room volume appears as an assignable function in the Generic Remote Editor, so you can assign it to a Midi CC in there, and then setup the keypad controller to send to that same Midi CC, only with different values for each pad that relate to the volumes you want. (0-127).

Just be mindful that the top value (127) will set the CR volume over 0db… Think it goes to +6db.

And yes, you can also setup incremental controls too, if you so wish to have stepped +/- style controls.

Thanx for the quick answer…ill try that asap!:slight_smile: