Control Room Volume - Question to Nektar Panorama Users

I’m wondering what is the most convenient way to map Control room’s volume to the Panorama P6. Is using the Internal Mode together with the Generic Remote the only route? If I map the volume knob to the motorized fader, will the communication be-bidirectional in this case?

The best solution would be to have the CR’s volume mapped to the motorized fader in the Mixer Mode instead of the Master Channels’ volume, but I guess It is not possible. Is that right? TIA

I find the motorised fader a bit of a pain. It’s seems to slow down cubase when switching from track to track. And all hell breaks loose if you accidently rename two tracks the same!

I’ve disconnected it.

I always wondered if this was possible. I’d also be really interested in knowing if anybody has arrived to a solution. If not, it would be a nice feature request for the Nektar guys (mapping the Control Room volume to the motorized fader).

It might be that Cubase’s control surface API restricts this, but I may be wrong.