Control Room Volume via midi

Hi everybody. I need help with a small problem. I am trying to find a way to assign the control room output fader in N5 to the master fader on my Mackie control universal. Is that possible?
Is there a way at all to control the output volume of the control room via midi?
Any idea?

This is not possible with the mackie due to it’s locked up firmware.

What you can do is use a generic midi device.
Personally, I use 2 Traktor Kontrol x1’s and a novation zero slmkII along with 24ch of mackie mcu. Hundreds of available knobs and buttons for this purpose. Check this

Once set up correctly, assign a knob to VST Control room/Control Room/Volume

If you are in TV/film, It you should also set your standard ref levels and assign that to buttons.

When the new 5.5 update comes out, this may be even easier.

Generic midi is your friend.

Thank you for the quick reply. I have other midi controllers. I’ll try with one of them.