Control Room: Where are my monitor faders?

I have bought a second pair of monitors for mixing. It now seems a perfect time to use Control Room so that I can switch monitors easily and control the level of each independently etc. As the manual states:

“The Control Room Mixer will allow you to switch speakers easily. Each set of Monitors can have its own custom downmix settings, input gain and input phase adjustments.” Yahay!

So I configured CR as per the manual, setting up two monitor channels in VST connections to my two stereo interface outputs. But when I open the Control Room Mixer there is only ONE fader that fades both sets of monitors and a couple of buttons called Monitr1 and Monitr2 that don’t seem to do anything. I was expecting to see a stereo fader and independent controls for each monitor.

Re-read the chapter, searched the forums, messing with it for hours, now totally confused.

Where did I go wrong? Help please!
Control Room.png

Correct. Thats how it is…

Then there’ s something wrong with your setup these buttons switch between the different monitors when set up correctly (In Cubase and your audio card)

Thanks - at least I know now that something else is not right. Just what, is the problem to be solved…

Selecting A or B does switch monitor outputs…my bad. But I can only see one fader which controls both speakers, whichever is selected. I have to manually re-adjust the level each time I switch speakers to match loudnesses. Surely this can’t be as good as it gets? I want dual independent faders to attenuate each speaker individually. Is that not possible?

Okay - I figured out how I can attenuate my monitors independently. In the extended view of the control room mixer there is a dial type fader (see the screen capture where I have arbitrarily set it to -40). The channel strip you see belongs to the currently selected monitor, as you flip between monitors A and B… etc. Match the levels, set it and forget it. Hurrah!

This is such a common functional requirement of monitor switching that it blows my mind that it not made more explicit in the Cubase 5 manual on uses of the control room mixer!

Okay, on with more important things. Hope this may be of use to someone else!

Hi. Cubase 10.5 user here.

I would like to know, ala the above, how to separately attenuate Monitors A and B in the Control Room.

Is this still possible in Cubase 10.5? If so, where is the control(s) to do it? (I do not see such anywhere.)


Thatˋs an input gain though.

Thanks for the reply!

However, i do not see here what your picture shows.

I have no Phase button, and no settable Input slider.
No Monitor Level Setting 01.jpg

Switch to inserts bottom right.

Ah, that’s it!

So, the “independent volume control” can be thought of (or is actually) an automatically applied insert.

Thank you!