Control Room Window: leave tabs open permanently?

Is there a way to leave all opened tabs in the Control Room Window open permanently?

When I start working on a project I open all the tabs (Cues/ Channels/ Speakers/ Control Room) by means of CMD-clicking these tabs, in order to read all the meters and see the levels.
Sometimes I close the Control Room-window or I switch it to metering, and when I return to the CR-view the tabs are closed…a little bit annoying and time-intensive to open them up again each time this happens. I must say that it doesn’t always happen…

Am I doing something wrong? is there a way to “save” them in the state as they are when I close the window?

Thanks again for any help.
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Another example of poor design. In the previous mixer it’d all be available for view. Tabs=clickfest.