Control sources and destinations for the mixer

The mixer, esp. with the 16 inserts in 9.5, is good for what it is, a digital version of a typical “classic” mixer. What I’d like, is, as an option, to also use it more like a modular setup, with a mixNmatch approach to signal and audio sources and destinations. As a start, I’d LOVE to get mixer-specific control sources and dests, ala Oberheim and Waldorf’s matrix system. In its simplest form, this would be a set of of sources such as LFOs, ENVs, ramps etc, that can control sends, levels and pans. Yes, you can cludge it by drawing automation curves, or, of course, by using plugins, but the possibilities for sound design and future expansion is much greater with the mixer matrix system. For example, having the same LFO control two tracks’ sends, but in opposite directions will be a doodle. And great fun.