Control SSL Channel Strip plugin on selected channel with midi

Maybe someone could help me figure out how to do it.

I am trying to have a preassigned midi controls for my SSL plugin (such as Plugin alliance or Waves) assuming I always put it in the 2nd insert slot. So, I’d like to add the plugin to my group buses such as strings, percussion and etc. in my template and whenever one is selected I want to be able to control SSL’s EQ, Filter, Comp & Gain parameters without even opening the plugin. Moreover, if possible, I’d like to preserve the same controls whenever I create a new audio track and insert an SSL plugin into the 2nd insert slot.

Quick Controls:
“Quick Controls” & “Selected Track Quick Controls” kinda don’t work as I have to assign them every time I create a new track. Plus, I’d like to have way more assigned controllers than 8 for several plugins.

Midi Remote:
It doesn’t show me any functions for “selected track/insert 2/control a bunch of parameters”.
If assign a midi by opening an SSL plugin and moving one of its parameters, it will remember it only for this particular SSL instance on this particular track. So, one I select percussion group, my strings’ ssl is being controlled. And once I move or remove that plugin, all the assignments are gone.

Generic Control:
As far as I can remember there was such an option to do that. I’m looking for it now. I also hope Steinberg will add this functionality in further Midi-Remote updates. Anyway, if you have a better solution or any ideas and workarounds, please let me know.


In my Opinion Midi Remote is not there yet.

I do it with a generic remote.
I have a waves SSL channel Strip in Insert 5.
For me always the Insert 5 of the selected channel is accessible. (“VST Mixer-Selected-insert slot5 parameterXX”)
You have to have the Insert Plugin present in a selected channel for setting up the generic remote, otherwise you won’t see the parameters.

I use a Midi fighter twister for that, have to switch layers to access all parameters, as 16 knobs are not enough… :crazy_face:
I also use a second generic remote, so that the Plugin gui of the selected channel opens, when I twist any knob.
I also find, that the Midi fighter twister has a nice “analogue” feel, nice correlation between the movement I make with the hardware and on the screen.

Hope it helps,


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Thank you for sharing!

Sounds like you need to be using track presets so that when you create an audio track it’s consistent - this provides a much easier basis to MIDI map direct to specific parameters.

The quick controls will also save as part of that preset too, yes it is only 8 parameters - but also a quick method if all else fails.

In Cubase 12.0.20 they added the option in MIDI Remote to assign ‘selected track’ mappings, so try that in conjunction with track presets would be my advice. It’s the Focus Mode that you change.

The selected track options work great with instruments, i’ve not tried it with inserts but see no reason why it shouldn’t. You can map as many parameters as you want then, and even create seperate pages within the MIDI Remote of course.

Thanks. I’ve missed the idea of using track presets.

The problem with the current MIDI Remote version is that it doesn’t let me choose any parameter to assign for an insert plugin on a selected track and in general. It just doesn’t show up and there’s no option.

You “learn” them using the assistant, don’t do it from the list. Just turn your controls on the hardware, then adjust the parameter on the plugin you want to map and click “Apply mapping” .

Then once all have been learnt, swap their focus mode to “Selected track” at the bottom leftish of the mapping assistant window.

Note: You can highlight them all at once by selecting first one, hold shift and selecting last one. And then put them into the “selected” mode - I find this to be easier than faffing around with each one.

As I said before, I’ve not tried this with inserts yet, only instruments - so curious how it works and whether it’s critical what insert slot the plugin is in as to whether the mapping will work on different tracks.

That’s where the track presets will help as it will keep your track structures consistent, if insert slot position is a factor.

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Thank you! That works!!! :slight_smile:

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