Control Steinberg's VST (Guitar) AMP Rack via Midi from foot controller?


I am new to the Steinberg VST Amp Rack, which I would like to use with my electric guitar, connected to Cubase 10.5 via an audio interface.

For real-time changes to the settings of the VST Amp Rack, I would like to use my Roland FC-300 midi foot controller.

According to Steinberg’s Help page, “Using quick controls you can set up an external MIDI device, such as a foot controller, to control the VST Amp Rack effects. For more information about quick controls, see the Operation Manual.” Source:

For Cubase 10.5, the information on how to do that is provided in page 732 (VST Quick Controls). It says: “To show the VST Quick Controls on the VST Instruments window, activate Show/Hide all VST Quick Controls.” Source:

However, when I select the “Show/Hide all VST Quick Controls” option, I get an empty window, even though the VST Amp Rack is also open and in use in the current project.

The Cubase manual explains how to map the Midi messages (from the controller) to the VST Quick Controls, which is neat, but if the VST Amp Rack doesn’t expose its VST Quick Controls, this doesn’t work.

Is this a bug in the latest VST Amp Rack plugin or an installation issue? Any advice on how to resolve the above would be very helpful.

Thank you.