Control Surface for Nuendo

May be you could test an iPad with Steinberg Cubase iC Pro. It is supposed for Cubase, but should work with Nuendo too. Perhaps you have to install the Steinberg SKI Remote Extension on your DAW. Then makros should be no Problem. But I did not test it.

Steinberg Cubase iC Pro works well with Nuendo, but PT control from AVID (free app for iPad) works perfectly as well !

Do you mean Devil Technologies are developing a hardware controller for Cubase/Nuendo?

Last I heard they had scrapped those plans, so if they are it’s news to me.

Back a few years ago they asked about that on Gearslutz trying to figure out what users wanted. They had a prototype I believe and on their website there was a product page for an upcoming “Grande” controller. That page no longer works (and I’m generally skeptic of companies whose webpages don’t work in 2019).

So I’d be surprised if they develop something.

Yes, to work with Dtouch. 24 faders should align perfectly with 27” touch screen monitor.
This is what they have told…

When was this?

In the last two years

Where did here this and are there any links to this info that you’re aware of?

On their forum. There is a private section there. So can’t link if you are not a ”member”…

Well, they’ve had that large controller prototype for a while so I’d imagine they either gave up on it or it is difficult or they’re just not making it much a priority… Development is probably expensive too.

I guess that console never had its glory days.
But this new system is based on already fully functional daw controller via touch screen that has 24 fader bank window. The new controller is due to be able to replace that if user wants real faders and some real buttons.

It will be very interresting… If reasonably priced…

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy if there was more on the market. 24 faders with pots and metering/labels would be great to have if price and quality is good.

But the video was posted a decade ago and that post two years ago so I’m not holding my breath…

This new (not grande) unit is still alive. Last I know they have an almost fully working beta on their hands. This is from august I believe.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

Dtouch looks amazing, but unfortunately it’s only for Windows. I guess touch screens and macOS aren’t there yet.

Nuage is currently a bit out of my price range. A smaller budget friendly version would be amazing. I also want to be sure, I can integrate it’s features into my workflow. I’ve rarely gotten along with boards with faders, even though I’ve been mixing professionally for over a decade.

I’m leaning towards the Avid S1. S3 I feel is a bit overpriced and I don’t really need the interface features. I’m quite happy with Metagrid + iPad for shortcuts/macros for now.

Cubase iC Pro hasn’t been updated in 2 years. Steinberg seems to have no interest in controllers. :frowning:

NOT accurate! PT Control has a bunch of bugs regarding Cubase/Nuendo, the most abhorrent being that selecting the tracks page will make Nuendo and EUCON crash! They are aware of this problem at Avid, as there have been many, many complaints about this. Avid points the finger at Steinberg. Steinberg points the finger at Avid and nothing is being done about it! (There are screen shots of the crash on this thread)

These problems, apparently go all the way up to S6! I’ve seen posts where S6 owners are saying that EUCON doesn’t work as well with Nuendo anymore, as well as Logic or DP. Avid has basically made EUCON PT specific! If you want ALL OF THE FEATURES TO WORK, YOU’LL HAVE TO WORK IN PRO TOOLS. So, be very careful about purchasing an S-1 or Artist Series. 95% of the basic features work with non PT DAWs. But lots of features that used to work don’t any more as well as the complete omission of newer features. Ver. 18.3 was the last stable version of EUCON with Nuendo. Ver. 19.5 is a total nightmare and full of problems with PT users as well.

If you can come up with another option, look there first!!!

Thanks for sharing this! I am a bit worried about such issues, so I’ll make sure I can try the controllers out with Nuendo before I grab one of these. I would expect some of the PT specific features to not work and that is okay, but not if it is crashing the entire system. Avid is generally slow with bug fixes, but if both Steinberg and Avid are playing the blame game, I wouldn’t expect them to resolve this anytime soon.

Unfortunately, the very expensive Nuage seems to be the only other option. Even just the fader bank seems to be around $12k. :cry:

Edit: Just tried out the PT|Control App via macOS Mojave. No crashes here by selecting ‘Tracks’ on a session with around 50 tracks. I’ll try the app out over the next few days and report back.

That would imply that this is a PC Bug then. I’m on Windows 10 as are all of the other complainants. One of the Avid Moderators sent me a video of them using an Avid branded MC Control on the tracks page with no crashing. But they never told me HOW they were able to do this! iPad + Mac = no crashes makes sense.

If that, in fact, is the case, you should still consider the S3. There are lots of them for sale USED at roughly half the price of new. The S3 has several buttons and features not found on the Artist Series . People Say they only need this or that until they find out how convenient/inconvenient this or that actually is in practice. You will want those Control and Alt buttons! On Artist Series, you only get the Shift button. I have found this to be pretty inconvenient, as my goal was to NOT touch a mouse/trackball once I start working with the controller. This, of course isn’t possible. But the closer you can get to that realization, the more justification for the purchase in the 1st place.

Something else to consider. Good luck!

Yep, seriously considering the S3. I don’t think I’ll be able to grab a used one due to my location. I’ll probably just pay for the overpriced unit. :cry:

Go with the S3 if you can. Over the years I had Mackie Mcus, Behringer, Artist series, even an SSL Nucleus. In fact, I had the Nucleus and the S3 for 2 weeks for comparison purposes, I went with the S3.
Although the Eucon implementation is something that is not 100% supported by Steinberg, it still is miles ahead of anything mcu or hui, you can control everything from the S3, even cue mixes, the track coloring is also matched on the S3 leds, wich I consider a must have. Paired with a Dock and iPad, you have everything in your hands, you can macro almost everything, key command almost everything, it really is a game changer unlike the hui or mcu protocols. I do Post work, it’s the perfect controller for tracking VOs, ADRs and Artist Performances ( sound check, monitoring, re recording work), and of course, a great tool for the mixing stage.
The downside? Go to the forums before you update anything Eucon/Steinberg related, at this point and from personal testing, it’s all good.