Control Surface for Nuendo

From what I understand the WK-Audio controllers were actually really nice, meaning good integration and good quality. And the price really was mid-budget. They stopped making them however and I doubt it was lack of cooperation from Steinberg (thought it’s possible) which means it may have been a case of just not making enough profit to make it worth while.

I was aware of that. Also, as ‘we’ are looking for a budget control surface, it’s worth to mention possibilities.

I feel you.

Ok, well if anything goes then we don’t really have a shortage of options. Just pick a budget and shop away.

You’d be surprised.

I probably wouldn’t.

This might be an inexpensive solution although I’m not sure how well it works,
Pick yourself up an cheap used Pro Control or Control 24 and run the Neyrinck app. The latest update seems to have some better improvements from the last version which I heard was problematic.

Will this app make the controller follow EVERY VIEW OF THE DAW INSTANTLY?? If not, it won’t matter. Job one for ANY controller is to follow the DAW regardless of whichever view it shows!!

Aren’t pro control and control 24 pro tools only?

They are.

they are but with this app of Neyrinck you can also use Nuendo and Logic. Read the article on the link for more info

Hmmm. Interesting. But I would not trust my studio on discontinued products. What happens when a fader breaks?
Something fundamental changes in your daw and bum your controller does not work anymore?

Interresting, even tempting. But no thanks I’d say!,

I felt the URGENCY to get back on this topic ASAP.
The amount of misinformation on the subject : " do I need an Hardware Controller? " is astonishing!
First and foremost: do you make a living out of composing, mixing, or mastering music?
If that’s the case, you DONT need any type of Hardware Touch Sensitive faders to get your job done.
NOW! Do you have a Post job? are you mixing 20’ ; 25’ ; 40’ ; 45’ ; 50’ …and over an hour of Films, Docs, whatever sound for film you need to do and you’re on a DEADLINE?!
YES! There is no way you can accomplish that without some type of controller.
Having said that, and on a totally different subject, this one is for FREDO:

  • Ive spoke with Avid, they told me that the Eucon ( although it is a closed sku right now) is available for Steinberg to do their job.
    I don’t know what to believe right now… ( but hey! even Logic has better support of Eucon than Steinberg, isn’t Eucon closed?!)
  • Why is “transparent Mode” gone in Nuendo 10.1 without a warning?
  • Why is the right click event menu decimated on Nuendo 10.1?
  • Why can’t I save color prefs “decently” on an “established daw”?!
  • Oh! believe me , I could go on forever…

Let me tell you something Steinberg: you guys keep on adding fancy Sh#t but retracting features that made Nuendo the ultimate Pro Tools Killer.
And let me tell you another thing FREDO: Either you guys get out of that LAZY zone trying to sum up Cubase with Nuendo, or the decline of Post guys using Nuendo will hit you hard.

Yup, this was a Rant FREDO…Get your shit together Steinberg, Im not a new member, I was there in Nuendo 2 with the RME package.

For all of you Post guys, the S3 is a great Tool, as is the Dock with an iPad, and…sorry for the Rant!


Well, as far as I can see when it comes to Eucon it’s actually pretty straight forward. There aren’t that many possibilities we’re looking at.

  • Either Avid leaves the Eucon protocol alone for the most part and isn’t deliberately screwing around with it to trip up third parties. I think it’s more likely that they’re leaving it alone for the most part for two reasons;

a) if they didn’t I’d be forced to update my Eucon device drivers etc when I update Pro Tools, and that isn’t the case, and
b) if they deliberately try to break compatibility they’ll sell fewer devices, which means less money for Avid…


  • Or Steinberg simply hasn’t implemented all that Eucon has to offer for one reason or another. It could be;

a) lack of resources
b) different priorities
c) lack of competence

My guess is that Steinberg isn’t fully motivated to adapt Cubendo ‘more’ to cover more of what Eucon allows for. It really seems to me to be the only thing that makes sense.

PS: I’m assuming that Eucon support on Nuendo is simply not as it should be as per the reviews by other people…

Why am I up at this un-godly hour? Dog woke me up, puking, now he is sleeping and I am not…

Yes eucon implementation in Nuendo is a bit behind now.
With S6 I think that there is quite a few features that are not supported (clip names on meters as an example). But I don’t have a S6.
With my old S5MC I have to use static layouts and eucon won’t show what the Nuendo mixers can show. So visibility and channel agents is not usable in a eucon workflow which is a pity as it is a strong part of what makes Nuage great.
However I guess with the current eucon implementation of updating all tracks as tracks are added or removed over eucon would make this terribly clunky.

Same question. Will the hardware follow the software with this app?

Steinberg constantly blamed Avid for issues with OMF / AAF files back in the day, despite the fact they worked just fine in most other DAWs.

I just don’t believe them.

I think the point about a small market is not valid.
People sell boutique gear all over the industry from custom shop guitars to preamps and microphones.
I don‘t see the sales problem for a smaller but high quality fader unit if it has proper DAW integration.
Maybe the new smaller AVID surfaces are just that. I have not touched one and as S3 and PT user I have no need.

Isn’t Softube’s new Console 1 Fader in the scope of this thread, too? No one mentioned it, AFAICS. Seems to be a clever little box.

You didn’t read my post correctly.
I repeat:

  1. Eucon was originally designed & created by Steinberg. (In collaboration with Euphonix)
  2. When Avid bought Euphonix they “closed down” the Eucon protocol, so they are the only ones who can use Eucon in their hardware.
  3. 3th Party developers can use Eucon for their DAW’s & other software applications, but they are now depending on Avid for a lot of things.

So when Avid implements new features within the hardware part of Eucon, the SKU for the software is not updated beforehand. It is released with the release of their hardware. Just like when Apple gear updates their OS, all the software developers are in the dark about what is still gonna work and/or what needs to be changed for making it work.
Which means that all third parties are running behind per definition.

Can the Steinberg Eucon software updates be better and faster?
Probably. It all comes down to priorities & resources.


Well that’s one thing we can agree on for a change :wink:

The endless iterations of the blame game and the willinglessness of Steinberg to address problems in their EuCon implementation (do I hear somebody say “hide” or “ipad app channel view”?) as well as refusing to build a small form factor high quality controllers were parts of my rising frustration with Nuendo.