Control surface for Nuendo


I am a longtime Nuendo user (now on Nuendo 4), haven’t been to the forums for a while. I did a bunch of searches to come up with reviews of control surfaces for Nuendo. It seems to me that the search features on this forum site are very poor.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a control surface that will work well with Nuendo? I use RME converters, so I don’t need those, and I have a ton of outboard pres. I do not like the look of the new Cubase controllers - and I assume they won’t work with Nuendo anyway. Modular seems like a big mess on a desk. I’m looking for something like the MCU, or Tascam 1884. I’ve heard terrible stories about the Euphonix (Avid) controllers, but those seem more like what I’m looking for…

I just want to get my hands on 16 faders and pans, plus maybe have some control over UAD plugs.




I use a SmartAV Tango control surface.

It works perfectly with Nuendo, has a huge touch-sensitive screen and an amazing number of user-definable soft-buttons.

The base unit has eight physical faders and instant recall of several user defined layers. You can also get an extension unit that couples to the side that provides more physical faders if you need them.

It also has 16 physical rotary controllers that automatically map to a plugin’s controls when you select one.

Have a look at

That looks lovely - but way to complicated for what I need. I just want a simple interface to control faders, pans, mute, solo. Much beyond that and I’m never going to get to it. I’m busy and need tools to get mixes up fast.

How about an SSL Nucleus?

I’m using the avid’s. The major issues have been solved and I would list them as a safe purchase now.

The new ALPs fader MCU’s also work great but their technology is dated and they are way over priced.

There’s not that much out there (contrary to what some may want you to believe).

I’m guessing that the Avid Artist mix is your best bet. I work on one (on PT) and it works fine. The faders aren’t super-smooth and completely quiet, but they’re also not crap. Only thing I’d warn you about is that it’s a bit fragile. It’s a piece of gear, so obviously you shouldn’t step on it. But I’ve heard rumors that they’re a bit fragile on the surface (and indeed the studio that has one had it get cracked somehow (wasn’t me))…

So, Avid, ironically…

Oh, and you can rest assured that Steinberg just might possibly maybe be working on something. It’s just that they can’t say, because it’s soooooooo secret…

PS: See Timo? This is what you guys get for not communicating: Prospective buyers that don’t like the CMC series and go to Avid… But I digress; I know I’m trying to teach old dogs new tricks and it ain’t gonna fly…

Do I need a separate ethernet controller for the avids or can I use a hub to connect to the internet AND use the controller at the same time?

Tighter integration with Avid Artist Mix. And cheaper.

I believe you can hook the Avid Artists to a router (as opposed to straight to a computer only).

Yes, ours are hooked up to the same domain network as our computers and other gear.
Just like a computer, they receive an IP number which makes they can be seen from any computer. So you can easily connect the MC Mix of Room #1 to the Workstation of Room #5. Not that you would ever need that though …


The SmartAV Tango is built like a tank - I understand that NASA is including one on the first manned flight to Mars.

They’re out there alright!

Yeah. Looks nice. Sound’s like overkill for what he needs though, not to mention WAY more expensive.

Ordered the new Avid Artist Mix. Will post back with my results.

Still not 100% sure if I need two separate ethernet controllers - one for the Avid, one for the internet… Guess I’ll find out!

Good choice on the Artist Mix units - the EuCon integration is where all the magic happens.

You can either plug the Artist Mix directly into the computer or the same router your internet is connected to (make sure you use a non-crossover cable when plugging into router).

THAT is very helpful. Thanks.

If I would be a developer, I would go in two directions. First, one controller a la MCU with channel edit and control room/main mix section and then not with 8ch extensions, but only 1ch. “click” it on the left or right side on the main unit and it’s done. If I need 16 channels, I buy 16 separate channel units and “click” it an the side who I want. One channel may 100$ max cost.

The other way … I mix with a Behringer BCR2000 over GenericController. Have made a good layout for my workstyle and be very fast. The “problem” is choose the channel to edit. Need the mouse again or step to the channel with my controller. So if I mix, I think once, the best way would be … I watch the channel with my eyes, think “select” and the channel is on my controller. As similar as in the army in a Apache helicopter or fighter jet to choose the target. This would be a dream in my mixing style and requires only one fader and one knob :wink:

I’m using a Yamaha DM-2000 V2, great mixer and great surface controller working with Nuendo.

If I can’t get the Eucon Adapter for Nuendo (due to serial number not being recognized by Steinberg), I’ll be joining you shortly!

WK Audio.
The ID Console givers you 12 faders on the standard pack (plus the edit pack) and you can add up to 4 more fader packs giving you a 60 fader system.
If you are based in London, please feel free to contact me & arrange a visit to my studio & see it working.