Control Surface Issue

I am using 8.5 with a Behringer BCF2000 control surface. My faders won’t work. More accurately, they won’t maintain their position. For example, when I push the fader up, the fader “catches” the track volume where it is and makes an adjustment. As soon as I move my finger from the fader, it slides back to the 0 position. My track volume stays at the newly adjusted volume but the faders all default to the 0 position. The pan pots work; the mute and transport controls work.

I am connected via a USB hub plugged into my Mac. And I’m using Mackie Emulation Mode.

Any ideas what’s going wrong?

Okay. No response on this. After some messing with this, I found a work around if anyone is having the same problem. Rather than use the USB connection, I plugged the BCF2000 into the USB hub via a Midisport 2x2 midi interface box. That box connects to the USB hub with Midi ins/outs to devices. The BCF must be placed in Stand Alone mode number 4. To adjust the BCF input mode, hold the second button from the left, directly under the second pan pot, and power the unit on. Keep holding the button until the display reads “EG.” Turn the first pan pot until the display reads “S-4.” Then press exit.

Disconnect the USB cable from the BCF unit and the USB hub. Configure the BCF in the devices menu as normal, only now connect the Mackie Emulation in/out to the Midisport in/out. For clarity, I simply renamed the Midisport in/out “BCF2000.” That name will show in the Mackie Emulation drop downs.

It appears this unit’s USB interface does not play well others. This seems to be the case for both Mac and Windows. The Midisport adds another $30 or so (used) to your controller surface setup so be advised if you are researching the BCF2000 for purchase.

Glad you got it sorted. That was a weird problem that’s probably why no one chimed in on it.

The only time my fader or faders jump around is when my hands are a little dry.