Control surface wont learn midi cc after deselecting "in all midi"

I have an ICON platform M+ that uses Mackie controls. My first problem was that all buttons and faders played unwanted midi sounds and notes. In order to fix this I went to studio setup> midi port setup> and deselected “In all midi” on the platform M. When I do this, it fixes the unwanted sound issue and start, stop, record, and rewind/fast forward buttons work properly. it’s almost perfect except for the fact that when I deselect “in all midi”, It also prevents it from learning a midi cc assignment. It can learn midi cc when “in all midi” is activated but it also plays those unwanted notes. I just want to assign a fader to expression control on my string vst.

This is driving me crazy, what can I do??


You can use the device either as Mackie Control or as the MIDI Controller. You can’t use both side by side with the one MIDI Port.