Control Surfaces for iPad

Does anyone know of control surfaces that work with Cubasis/iPad? The fact that Cubasis doesn’t have keyboard support is really limiting for workflow and lets face it, touching a screen is ok but after hours of music making, you will be hurting your back.

Any recommendations for control surfaces?

for example; does anyone know if this works with Cubasis?

Korg nanoKONTROL2 Slim-Line USB Control Surface, Black -

Seems like no, but it’s hard to find good info. Someone here states “NK2 also plays nice with Cubase but NOT Cubasis”. No further detail though, and it’s just one person claiming this.

Hi Pitchy,

Our good friend Paul Marx Media previously used a a NANOkey device with Cubasis 3, connected via Bluetooth MIDI.
Here you can check out the section in the clip (German only unfortunately):

In addition:
MIDI hardware controller support remains on our list for future updates, MIDI CC controller support is included in CB2 and CB3.
At this point it might make no sense to go for the Surface, when you’re thinking about operating Cubasis via a MIDI controller.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Lars, I think that answers @Mantahoe’s question. And my curiosity. :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your input.