Control the pads with midi controller

I am a new user to Cubase 3 on iPad and I am facing a problem when I try and use the virtual pads. The pads of my midi controller just trigger single notes but I can’t play the chord pads with my midi controller. The chord pads work just by pressing them on the screen of the iPad, but have no response when I play the pads on my midi keyboard. I’ve tried all sets in the app, but did not find anything.
When I choose a drin instrument, the midi keyboard pads are able to play it, but the same does not happen on harmonic instruments like piano, etc.
Could someone help me? Thank you :blush:

The software is Cubasis not Cubase… I will retag your post so that it moves to the right section…

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Thank you

No problem, but I’m afraid I can’t help in your case…

Hi @comparticello,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!

With the release of Cubasis 3.3, the app includes MIDI Learn, Mackie Control (MCU) and HUI protocol support, which also works for the pads.

Please check out our available tutorial, to see if it works to resolve the issue.

Hope that helps!

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@LSlowak , thank you very much! I watched the video, and I did the midi learn, but still the pads from my midi controller just play single notes. The weird thing is that when I choose a drum , the pads are assigned correctly. However, when I switch back to the piano, it stops working and get back to the single notes.
I don’t know if can be something with my midi keyboard…I will keep trying. Thank you again! :slightly_smiling_face: