Control Video FPS & Video performance advice

I’ve just upgraded to 9.5 from 9.0.1 and was trying out the ‘upgraded’ video engine with side-by-side comparisons on identical projects. Basically I get a minimum of 30% extra CPU load in 9.5 whenever the video window is loaded. In fact just having the video window open with no video track adds 20%! So scoring to picture is out unless I roll back to 9.0.1 or buy a video playback plugin, unless anyone has any ideas on how to improve the performance?

Also, I have the FPS counter on (GTX 970 card) and the video window is constantly running at 120fps or above, could this have anything to do with it? And if so, how do I go about restricting the frame rate?

Many thanks

To be clear, the video engine was not upgraded, it was replaced. However, it is being used by pros in post houses and by film composers. It’s being worked on too, so theoretically it should get better.

Probably a good idea to check what codecs and containers work with it too in the knowledge base.

I don’t know anything about your frame rate question, maybe someone else has some info on that…

However, it is being used by pros in post houses and by film composers.

I know, I work with a few of them and they find the performance hit equally annoying, but they’re less inclined to whinge about it than I am :wink:

Yea I had a look in the knowledge base, is there any info on which codecs/encoding settings give the lowest performance hit with the video engine? I had a long look around but couldn’t find anything.

In my limited experience here, motion jpeg in an avi container plays best. Someone in the Nuendo forum might have more/better info though.