control VST Inserts from different tracks at the same time??

It seems impossible to control Quick Controls globally (ie not having to select any specific channel each time you want to change a parameter via MIDI controller hardware)!
Or did I forget something??

An example:

  1. Lets say I have 4 audio tracks: (1) Kick, (2) Bass, (3) Drums and (4) Synths.
  2. On each and one of these audio tracks I load up a VST Plugin. Lets say DualFilter VST, in each Insert Effect slot 1.
  3. Now, I could easily use Quick Controls to setup my MIDI Controller hardware to control the Frequency settings of DualFilter VST for each track. But only one at the time.
    The problem is that this method isn’t global. I can’t control two or more tracks at the same time using Quick Controls. It is essential for me to be able to change the two or more VST parameters on these tracks at the same time. Like a mixer works.
  4. My question: is it possible to change the VST parameters on different track at the same time? How?
    (I could set up a MIDI channel for some of the VST plugins that has MIDI support… but not all plugins are supported this way)

No one use two knobs at the same time on their hardware controllers? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll answer myself. The old school Generic Remote is still the only way to do it the right way. Time consuming but possible. :slight_smile:

Although, it IS possible to assign controllers to other channels’ parameters in Quick Controls by holding down CTRL when clicking on a Quick Control, but this is limited to 8 controllers of course (manual page 433):

The quick controls feature has one special extension: you can use quick controls not
only to access certain parameters of the current track, but also to control all
automatable parameters. This makes it possible to use the Quick Controls tab of a
dedicated track as a kind of “mini mixer”, controlling parameters on other tracks. Use
this function with caution, however, as you might accidentally modify parameters on
other tracks.
Proceed as follows:

  1. Create a new, empty audio track and open its Quick Controls tab.
    This track has no events or parts.
  2. Hold down the [Ctrl]/[Command] key and click on the slot for quick control 1.
    The parameter selection context menu opens, but it lists not the parameters of the
    current track, but all automatable parameters.