Control wah pedal with foot switch

I have an oxygen midi board. It comes with a food switch. How can I control the pitch bend with foot switch thus controlling the wah VST in Amp Rack?

A few things to keep in mind.

Lets assume it is a foot switch. The word “switch” indicates that it is a On/Off type pedal often used as a cheaper option to a sustain pedal. The type of foot pedal that would work in this case needs to be an expression pedal.

Once you have an expression pedal connected to your MIDI keyboard, it would be up to the hardware (keyboard) to translate the pedal signal to MIDI Pitch Bend. I would take a wild guess that it is not capable of outputting Pitch Bend data from an expression pedal, but I could be wrong.
Even if the keyboard is unable to output Pitch Bend messages from an expression pedal, it is likely that the Amp plugin can accept MIDI CC for controlling Wha and other parameters. Check the user manual of the plugin and learn how to remote control its parameters. If the plugin has some form of MIDI Learn function, it should be quick and easy to set up with a regular expression pedal (or any other MIDI input device such as knobs or faders).