Control Window resizes itself when minimizing WaveLab

I have a dual monitor setup with WaveLab’s main window being maximized on the left monitor and control window 1 being maximized on the right monitor. Everything’s recalled just fine when loading WaveLab but when I minimize the main window (control window gets hidden automatically) to do some other tasks and then return to WaveLab, the control window isn’t maximized anymore and sometimes the position/size of the individual sections inside the control window has also changed.
I’m on WL 9.5 in Windows 10.
Thanks in advance!

Yes, I can reproduce this. I will need to investigate.

Cool, thanks!

I have found a way to solve this problem for next patch.

Great, thanks a lot!

That would be great! I must admit that I always thought it was a windows related issue.
I made a workaround for it myself by using F13 as the presetbutton for ‘restore default layout’ which restores by the press of a button.