Control your DAW with your phone

I just released my new app, yMIDI Mobile, that allows you to use your Windows Phone 10 device as an MCU compatible controller. It connects to your DAW over wireless networks using rtpMIDI and has all the controls you would expect from a control surface.

  • V-Pot for panning and other functions
    Mute, Solo, Record
    Unlimited channels using bank switching
    Transport control page with over-sized controls and jog wheel
    Time and channel status displays

Available now in the Windows Store with a 15 day trial.
Demo video

Oh nice, that looks good.
I don’t have a windows phone but I do have a surface 2 RT, does that work?

For your hardware platform I’ve created yMIDI. It has all the control surface features of yMIDI Mobile plus MIDI controllers.

There’s more detail at

Impressive, I would definitely try it but I just realized I don’t have wifi on my DAW computer :frowning:
I’ll see if I can set something up in the future because it does look good!

I just had an idea I’ve been hard at work on since I opened this quick reply window.
Is it possible to install windows 10 phone on my old mobile MTC Desire HD which I don’t use any more anyway?


hmm …