Control your samples with MIDI


I used to record & chop my samples with my Akai MPC 1000 and load everything into Cubase, but find it a time-consuming process sometimes.
That’s why I wondered if there’s a way to record directly in Cubase, chop my samples (quickly) en control them with a MIDI controller?

Many thanks.

Use a software Sampler/Player, there are many available out there, just google sampler etc.

I don’t know if current Cubase versions have one built in, something to look into. I know there’s Loop Mash for playing long loops, I’d assume it could also play shorter samples (?)

I never had a need for such things, the samples I play are usually within a VSTi…unless say, I got specific ‘sample sets’ that can be played in something like a Kontakt player in an nki format.