Controling tempo in playback


Last week I made a demo using the mp3 export mode, and there were two sections in my piece, one q.=56, one q.=44, and there was one bar just before the second tempo where I put a “rallentando”. When it played the rallentando was to big and dramatically slowed tempo, too much I must say, so then the q.=44 tempo seemed to fast compares to this rallentando, is there any possibility to control the tempo, so that we could decide to make a rallentando progressivo from q.=56 to q.=44 only (so not going even slower than q.=44 and the end of rallentando bar)?

All best

Unfortunately at the moment there is no control over how much of a change a gradual tempo produces, but this is something we plan to address soon. For now, I might be tempted to insert hidden immediate tempo changes at intervals along the passage to be played as a rit., effectively writing the rit. out.