controller connection issues

I am a cubase 5.5.2 user and seem to have developed a problem. With vista and a kx-61 controller I have always had to start the controller before cubase to get recognition. If there is a workaround for this I don’t know what it is. Now I lose contact with my controller at random which means I have to restart cubase. I will hear the audible “connect, dis-connect” tone on the pc, and usually without the light on the keyboard going out. The light blinked a couple of times when this happened so I assumed this was a cord or jack issue but now the led on the keyboard stays lit while the connection gets lost. Anyone have any ideas?

Usually this is a symtom of:

  1. Bad cable
  2. Bad connection between cable and equipment
  3. Bad conection inside your equipment (PC/kx-61)
  4. Wrong or ill-behaving driver

Now, I don’t know, what is “kx-61” in your case, but I assume it’s Yamaha KX61 keyboard with USB MIDI. In that case I would start by replacing the USB cable and checking out if using the right/most recent driver.

Anyway, if you hear “connect, dis-connect tone” even without Cubase running, this is not a Cubase problem and I I would suggest you to contact your PC manufacturer and Yamaha instead of Steinberg forum.


I have a similar issue with my Yamaha KX61 and Cubase 7, too.

I have installed and reinstalled the Midi-USB driver and Extensions for Steinberg DAW driver several times now.

In Cubase 7, it will play the soft synths without problems. But the buttons for working the Cubase functions are not working.

Then when I installed the Cubase AI4 software, some of the DAW buttons work, but not all of them. For example, the add instrument track button works and a few of the other DAW buttons work on the KX61. But not all of them.

However, I would like to use this with only Cubase 7. I would appreciate any assistance anyone could help me with.


I have just had this exact problem but i cant see any solution posted