Controller data not moved with track

I just came across an odd “quirk” in Cubasis. I recorded a 2 bar clip with pitch bend. I later decided to add a few bars at the front of the song and so moved all the parts on by 4 bars and recorded something without pitch bend. But the pitch bend data had not moved with the track data and still applied at the same time as it was recorded, ie. it was applied to the part that I recorded without pitch bend data, with no pitch bend on the part that I had recorded it with! Surely the pitch bend data should move with the rest of the part - and also be captured by copy and paste? This needs to be fixed.


I was able to reproduce your bug and passed it to development. Thanks a lot for the report.

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Thanks, Frieder! It is very strange as it should all be part of the same Midi data stream, and yet Cubasis seems to treat controller data as a completely separate entity. This is unlike any other DAW that I have used (and I have been using various forms for over 20 years!).

A pity that was not fixed in the 1.1 update. I hope this can be included soon as it really restricts moving and copying any midi recording that contains controller data.