Controller doesn't change the CC locations

So I got the Nano Kontrol 2 and I want to rewrite the CC# of the specific sliders so that 11, 1, and 21 are next to each other. So The Korg Editor doesn’t show me an issue when I rewrite the CC# of the sliders but when I go to Cubase it still only sees the sliders as the original CC# (which are 0, 1 and 2). And then I have to relearn the CC# for every instrument and every paramaeter I want to automate…Anyone know why Cubase or my plugin doesn’t register the new rewritten CC# of the controller? Im Using Cubase Artist 12 and the Spitfire Audio BBC CORE plugin.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Once you start Cubase 12, it sends SysEx message to the nanoKontrol, to make it compatible with the MIDI Remote script. This temporary overwrites the nanoKontrol settings. The advantage is, you can control Cubase then.

As this settings is not written to the nanoKontrol memory (it’s just a temporary), you can get back to your original settings by switching the device Off an On (unplug it from the USB power).

this worked! thank you so so much!