Controller Encoder question

I am trying to swell white noise from my FM8 Virtual Instrument with an encoder on my Axiom Pro 61.

The encoder shows that it is sending a message in the MIDI fader of Cubase, but it doesn’t produce sound in the FM8 fader. However, when I press a key on my Axiom keyboard, it produces both a message in the MIDI fader, and sound in the FM8 fader.

I don’t know why the encoder produces a signal, but no sound. Nor can I tell whether this a Cubase fix, an Axiom Pro fix, or an FM8 fix. So, I thought I’d start here, since I can see the signal in Cubase’s MIDI fader.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

How did you assign the know to the parameter?

Thanks for your reply Strophoid.

I think this answer’s your question: I clicked MIDI learn (in the top right of FM8 on the application control bar), clicked ‘cutoff,’ and moved the controller’s encoder knob.