Controller Events Curved Change

While working on orchestrations the new beautiful idea falls down on my head.

This will help a lot in orchestrations where instrument expression is controlled by CC and also it can help in any MIDI track to change a volume of many notes in a melody to make some expression.

Take a look on a design of idea. When you press Ctrl + Shift and drag mouse over a note, cursor changes to speaker and you can change only Velocity of the note. In MIDI you can draw velocities and CC changes, but not always we can draw exact expression as we have in head. Then press Undo and try again or simply draaw again. By drawing new CC points will be added according to quantize settings, but I don’t need new points. I need to change the recorded expression using the same points. What I do now? I move each points when tools for selected points doesn’t fulfill my needs. And it is often. Therefore this idea.

That exponential curve can have parameters in Preferences - how far from cursor and how strong CC points should be affected by Velocity change. I mean Velocity change because of Ctrl+Shift+Mouse operation. Also there can be a logic - this should work only in CC lanes, not for Velocity of notes.

Additional feature which should be like a revolution for Cubase! I mention it in this design with multiple cursor - the most transparent cursor is the place where you start dragging. The trajectory of movement in this picture is a little bit tilted. The result should be like you touch a glue with finger and move it horizontally :slight_smile: The spike of curve should be a center of tilt and moving to left or right should move all points that are in a range of changing.