Controller for Cubase pro 10

Hello I wanted to have your advices about a controller that I want to buy to control Cubase pro 10 on Mac (Mojave)

I m hesitating between CC121 Steinberg and Platform M+ Icon

I know that CC 121 is great cause it can control a lot of things but Platform M+ has 9 motorized faders and I think that it must be great for mixing …

could you help me in my choice?

Have a good day !!

tyake care

Hi and welcome,

It depends on the way, how you are used to mix and how do you want to mix. If you are really going to mix the standard “analog” way, to put your fingers to the faders and write the automation of multiple tracks simultaneously, then you would benefit from the multi-faders solution. If you would be more track focused, then CC121 gives more straightforward approach.

Behringer X touch one
my choice
I love it