Controller for Nuendo/Cubase and esp for plugins?

I am using a Faderport for occasional manual fader-riding and lately I felt in love with Softube Console 1…

Now I am curious about the options I have to manually control my DAW.

Most controllers out there are basically “Fader and Transport”… I do not need that. I use my keyboard for start/stop/rec. I want to control EQs… plugins…

There is that Steinberg CC121 Controller… it seems to be quite close to what I need.

BUT: It seems that the CC121 is limited to the channel eq. I barely use the channel EQ, though he is not bad. Usually I use the channel eq for some kind of “mastering” of the channel - I mean - everything is sounding like it should with stuff inserted - then I need some kind of a 300hz dip or something - then I just use the Channel EQ.

Is there a way to set up a controller in a way that I can control what I want?

Basically I would need a nice box with a lot of knobs which I can set up in a flexible way.

Thanks for any idea!


The CC121 EQ section can also control a track’s quick controls, so if you can control 8 parameters per track with it (and additionally the channel EQ and send levels).

I never spent time with the Quickcontrols - I maybe should - so, does that mean there would be a way to set up quick controls in a way that they control parameter of a certain plugin?

Mh, controlling send levels could be nice… I always fiddle around here, the mouse-wheel is cool - but some kind of a knob or a manual control would be way cooler…

If you need lots of knobs on reasonable budget, nothing beats B-brand:

mh that looks interesting! Maybe exactly what I need. just a lot of knobs…

because to set up for example that Sonnox EQ I need more than 8.

Let me ask a very basic thing:

When I set up a controller like that with custom configuration - is this fixed for the application? (I mean - for example - knob 1-12 for Sonnox EQ Parameter xy and knob 13-24 for Cambridge EQ etc)

Or is it depending on the channel I select? Or “switches” the controller and controls only the active plugin/window? Like when using a digital desk for example…

Sorry. Can’t answer, since I’ve never used it. I recommend to download manual from Behringer site and see if it has any answers.

Ok - thanks anyway for that hint, I will do some research. I basically do not love the idea to set up B-Gear again but with 125 EUR, 30 days money back etc there is not much risk…

I’ve seen a lot of these controllers, and the only one that seemed to psychically know which buttons to control were the Novation series. Their Automap software does a great job.