controller keyboard is deleting tracks - HELP!

I can’t for the life of me figure this one out:

When I play E4 on my controller keyboard, in the main project window the topmost track (audio, MIDI or whatever it happens to be) gets automatically selected. This is particularly bothersome if I am laying down MIDI on a VST instrument track–then if I play E4, my performance stops, as I find find myself on some other track.

To make matters worse, when I play E5, the track that I had selected gets deleted! WTF?!

I have been trying to find where in the world these settings exist in the Nuendo prefs, but no luck. I find it hard to believe that Nuendo’s defaults would consist of such strange MIDI key commands–although I seem to remember something similar way back in the days of Cubase VST 5.1–where there was a pref. default involving keyboard’s C6 acting in an annoying way.

Can anyone shed any light here??? I am using the RME RayDat as the audio card–and MIDI device, if it matters, though there are no prefs to be set within the Hammerfall or OS MIDI control panels…


Check in Device->Device Setup whether you’ve got Generic Midi Remote turned on…this could trigger midi commands as program commands…

Thanks for putting me on path to figure out this problem. Turns out that the Frontier Tranzport controller was set within Nuendo with MIDI input/outputs routed to “All MIDI” - so the transport controls were being affected by the keyboard controller.

I have been able to solve the problem. Thanks again!